Programming Projects

Learn more about some interesting projects I've worked on.

PhotoSearch: Independent Word Discovery for People With Aphasia
Aphasia is a language disorder where people loose their ability to communicate in a language they had been fluent in prior to its occurence. Our project is aimed at understanding how to design Alternative and Augmentative Communication devices for continous use.
Block-based Programming for Children With Visual Impairments
In this project we explore ways to make block based programming more accessible to children who have visual impairments. We implement a simple prototype that make use of audio feedback, speech recognition and physical blocks. We focus particularly on teaching children about conditional controls.
Grad School Predictor
Grad school predictor is a machine learning system that used data from gradCafe to build a model with weka. The model attempts to predict whether a given applicant will be admitted into graduate school. It uses the applicants' GRE scores, GPA and the program being applied to as features to predict acceptance or rejection. See details about the machine learning model here and try out the model here
Space Princess
Space Princess is a unity 3d game. The Space Princess is running out of energy and needs to figure out how to escape from her alien-infested space ship. She needs to avoid the aliens to keep her energy up. She also needs to collect items that will help her figure out how to escape from her space ship.